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Are we really that lazy?

Shape Up Shoes claim that if you wear them for 30 minutes a day they will help you “tone up and shed unwanted pounds”….really?

Are people really that lazy? Who the hell is buying these? Are they Insane or Blind?  I don’t get it.

They say, “The motion when walking is similar to that of balancing on a BOSU board in combination with using a Stairmaster.” Why the hell would I always want to feel like I was on a stairmaster!? Nevertheless, why would I want to feel like I was on a stairmaster and feel like a complete idiot at the same time?

For Fashion Sake!!! If you want to tone up and lose weight just get your ass to the gym! Go for a walk, jog, bike ride, anything but this!!!!


WTF, like seriously. The sneakers are fine but this is just too much!

I totally don’t get it: you wear the shoes to improve how you look- But you end up looking like an idiot while your doing that!

Anyone who has bought these, please contact me immediately. I have questions, lots of questions.

Tall Short Girl


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