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Shoes or Art?


riginally published on Mizz Tissa’s Shoe blog, “Shoes or Art?” As footwear designers begin to experiment more and more with footwear design, what do you think will take off? I mean, would you ever wear these and curiosity strikes me, are these comfortable? I want to try them on! Read Mizz Tissa’s article and […]

Happy Birthday Vivienne Westwood, I love your shoes!


Happy Birthday Vivienne Westwood by julianacrispo featuring Melissa shoes

Today, legendary fashion designer and footwear designer, Vivienne Westwood turns 69 and hotter than ever. Vivienne was a fashion school dropout at the Harrow School of Art- leaving after one term.

“I don’t know how a working-class girl like me could […]

High Heel Phones…check it out


Talked about on Technabob, this shoe phone is a silly little collectors item for silly little short people like me…

Stay Sassy,


Celebrating the Shoe-Shopaholics of the World with a 12 Step Program of Sexy Shoes

20070611 Shopaholic

Ever gone into a mall to get something completely unrelated to footwear but then walk out with like 3 new pairs of high-heels?

How could this happen!?!?You wonder….

Now if this has happened to you on 3 or more occasions, you may have what is considered a shoe-shopping problem.

Problem you say?!? Nonsense….If […]


Shoes as jewelry. Love shoes, love jewelry, so shoelery = amazing.

No need for toe rings, anklets, etc.

Some of them overly embellished, some just right.

Personally, I’m a tad in love with Roger Vivier’s take on shoelery and a fan of Alaia’s but you would have to be selective as […]