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World Shoes and Accessories Show February 2010

As I walked through the rows and rows of hundreds upon hundreds of footwear brands that exhibited at the Feb. 2010 WSA show, I noticed something: they’re all doing pretty much the same thing. Nothing too exciting, I’ve seen it all before.


The only thing that really caught my attention and lured me into their booth was a sign that said “Cocktails” or “Mimosas” and then I was all about it.

Ok, I will admit that some brands were making a strong effort to differentiate somewhat in terms of aesthetics.  Nevertheless, you name the segment (Dress, athletic, juniors) and everything is what it always is.

One big and happy difference from last year is the fact that 8 out of 9 Designers are making the shoes easier to walk in as stated in an article in Glamour magazine online.  You could see this at the show, and the results for comfortable shoes are obviously not sky high heels. Boo!

But I guess that’s good in a way. I’ll be more comfortable when walking right?

Yeah.  But in all honestly, what is comfortable about wearing shoes that look like these?

No offense if you own these bad boys, I’m sure they look quite hot when your wearing them right?

But seriously….

Another thing I saw was an awful lot of companies trying to do the “athletic sneaker that tones your ass” song and dance.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, update yourself.

And we all know wearing those shoes scream one thing about yourself….

Oh well.

Now here is what the “experts” are saying about the Fall 2010 trends to come. Read about them here.

Or, better yet, read about my trends here.

Stay sassy my loves,


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1 comment to World Shoes and Accessories Show February 2010

  • Roberto

    I think you were on the money with your observations. I’m no fashionista, nor do I even always get two socks the same color on in the morning…but even I could see nothing that noteworthy. My observations were: (1) same as you, the tone your ass/walk more correctly trend – which invariably is accompanied by the “look like freakshow” trend; (2) very little, if any, athletic presence. Reebok had a 10×15 booth, no Nike, no NB, no adidas, no Puma, no Kswiss, nothing. Its been a decade since I was last at WSA and it sure has changed.

    Great post, I believe I actually saw that person on the picnic table while I was there…

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