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Shoes or Art?


riginally published on Mizz Tissa’s Shoe blog, “Shoes or Art?” As footwear designers begin to experiment more and more with footwear design, what do you think will take off? I mean, would you ever wear these and curiosity strikes me, are these comfortable? I want to try them on! Read Mizz Tissa’s article and […]

The 6 Strangest Shoes I’ve Seen So Far


These guys made it on my list. Check ’em out. Strangest shoes I have ever seen and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of strange shoes.

1. Elephant Poop Platforms. MizzTissa posted about these shoes about a week ago- read the post here she has an awesome footwear blog.

2. Starfish Shoes…so hot […]

High Heel Phones…check it out


Talked about on Technabob, this shoe phone is a silly little collectors item for silly little short people like me…

Stay Sassy,


Snuggie Fashion Show


If this isn’t Runway Comedy, I do not know what is. That’s right, Snuggie- that ridiculous blanket had a fashion show at NY Fashion Week this year. Check it out:


For those of you who do not know what a “Snuggie” is- check out the videos:

Ellen on Snuggie:


Snuggy Parody:



Shark Week Every Week, get your Shark pants here!


Awesome runway comedy on the streets of Sydney. Saw it on The Sartorialist, had to find the designer: Romance was Born. Great, fun, fashion. Simple black T, shark produces the shock factor. Love it.

More from Romance was Born:



Art? Fashion? or Runway Comedy. . . You decide.


Art? Fashion? or Runway Comedy?

It depends on who you ask but designer Di Mainstone has definitely created something unique with her Sharewear line.

Playing with shapes and the idea of isolation and community in NYC brings an interesting point […]

More Runway Comedy

strange platform


Wow…Really? This is a joke.

More runway comedy I guess.


Tall Short Girl

If it is not a "Shoe" then WTF is it?


A “Shoe” is defined as something to wear on ones feet with a flexible upper and a sole. So if that’s the case, what is this?

Classy dumpster chick heels? Ferrel Girl shoes? Basically, it looks like some strange lego piece got crazy with some tape and made its-self into a heel. Not quite […]

Are we really that lazy?


Shape Up Shoes claim that if you wear them for 30 minutes a day they will help you “tone up and shed unwanted pounds”….really?

Are people really that lazy? Who the hell is buying these? Are they Insane or Blind? I don’t get it.

They say, “The motion […]

Bullet or Dildo Dress? You Decide . . .


I know what I'll be wearing to my next bachelorette party. Thank you Tru$t Fun!

Really, what goes through someone’s head when they create such a thing? Poor model, if someone made me wear that I would quit! Now I see why you hear about so many models using drugs and drinking. […]