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Sex and The City 2 Shovie Review


That’s right, I said “Shovie” . By that I’m just reviewing the shoe situation.

To be completely honest. The movie was good but I was disappointed by the lack of shoes I saw throughout. I was so excited and happy in one of the first scenes when I saw Carrie hopping into a cab […]

How Shoe-Lovers can Benefit From Social-Shopping Sites and Why JustBought.It is Turning Twitter Users into Shopaholics


There are tons of “Social Shopping” sites out there that let users discuss their experiences, desires and purchases for just about anything from fashion to camping gear. From a shoe-lover’s perspective, I can greatly appreciate these sites because of the user reviews. Think about it. When your trying on an adorable pair […]

If you have ever fallen in your high-heels this will make you feel better

naomi falling off heels

Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us! Miss America falling in heels:

Kylie Minogue falling in heels:

Naomi Cambell falling in heels:

Britney Spears falling in heels:

And, some poor model getting laughed at by a bunch of news anchors falling in heels!

Fortunately nothing was […]