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Footwear Company Founder Receives Innovator of the Year Award for The Creation of Breathable Shoe Technology


Congratulations to Geox founder and Chairman Mario Polegato for being named Innovator of the Year this Wednesday at the CNBC European Business Leaders Awards. Judges cited him for having “broken new ground in developing a ‘fashionable brand with new technology. ‘”

Geox offers men’s, women’s and children’s footwear lines with a focus on breathable […]

3D Printed Footwear is the Future


Imagine one day having the idea for a unique style pair of high-heels or imagine that you buy this really adorable handbag but you can’t seem to find the right pair of shoes to match anywhere. Now imagine that instead of searching all over the internet or in the […]

Nice Package


For the past couple years footwear companies have been taking an initiative to reduce the impact on the environment and one of the simplest ways is the packaging. For instance, in 2006 Timberland proposed a completely new plan to not only reduce their environmental impact but inspire others to do the same. Some of their […]

3D Printed Shoes


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Check this out. 3D printed shoes. The neat thing is that 3d printers are getting more and more affordable. Just think, one day we’ll be able to dream up a shoe, draft it on our computers and print it out like its not big deal. […]

Comfortable Kenneth Cole 925 Technology


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Kenneth Cole’s got a new line of shoes called 925 Technology tahat are filled with things like memory foam, cork, and flax seed to make them more comfortable on your soles. They will soon be available on Amazon so get excited.

Stay Sassy,

Interchangeable footwear


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What’s better than customization at your feet? Footwear Skins is a company created on the premise that interchangeability is good. I agree. But for now the designs don’t seem to be catering to my high strung aesthetic I’d say.

Footwear Skins


The Evolution of Footwear in America- starting with Columbus Day!


As the story is told, in 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and accidentally ended up in America – were he met the Algonquians. Obviously, traditional European dress varied extremely from traditional Native American dress. One of those differences was footwear. While Native American apparel varied greatly from tribe to tribe- one […]