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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Men that Love Us!

Valentine’s day is approaching and the question is this: how do we repay the men for putting up with high-strung high heel wearing women in their lives?  All those late night foot massages, channel changes to watch dumb reality shows or sex and the city, trips to get tampons, frozen yogurt runs to feed our lady-time emotional cravings.  Honestly, they do so much, how can we ever repay them?

In all honesty, I have no idea.  But, this post gives you a couple fun and somewhat sexy ideas on just what to get for Valentines day or just because you love him (or her- no judgement!).


Customizing something is always a great way to show someone you love them.  Why not put something fun on a T-Shirt?  Design T-shirts yourself and get them shipped to you at sites like shirtcity.com .  You can put a big picture of your beautiful face on there if you want to be silly obnoxious, or you can write a funny little inside joke or saying on there, like “tickets to the gun show” with arrows to his bicepts, or “somebody call a vet, these puppies are sick” also pointing to his bicepts….I can’t think of anything else.

Whatever you decide to put on the shirt, the choice is yours!  Customization is a beautiful thing.

Remember to get express shipping for the big day!

shirtcity.com - custom branded tees


Chocolate is always a good thing to get but you don’t want to be boring and just get really good chocolate.  So why don’t you get him really good chocolate with really good packaging with a photos of the two of you? Even better. Check out Dan’s Chocolates. They’re delicious.

Personalized Photo Boxes from Dan's Chocolates


If your significant other is silly, they’ll find a pair of humorous boxers funny for the big day. Married ladies can get the “Love My Wife Beer Mug Boxers”
Love My Wife Beer Mug Boxers for men

Actually, now that I think about it- the beer ones above are kind of sad…

Or if your guy is a big dorky movie buff, get him these “Borat Very Nice, I Like Boxers”Borat Very Nice, I Like boxer shorts for men
But personally, I just might fall in love with any guy that wears Napoleon boxers around me.  They’re so dorky I find it just too endearing.
Napoleon Dynamite - Are You Gonna Eat Those? long sleep shorts for men

Seriously though, those tater tots look delicious….


Another option that is definitely less risky is getting the man a fragrance you love.

I like Prada Prada Amber Pour Homme


So you love this person so much and you can’t even figure out what to give someone because you want to give them the world right?

Well, why not start by giving them part of the universe, a star. It’s theirs forever!  (at least until it gets swallowed by a black hole.) You can search and buy a start on the Global Star Registry.

Name a star

Well that’s it for now! Happy Valentine’s Day My loves!

Stay Sassy,


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