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Experts say High Heels = Better Sex Life, well that's obvious…


I don’t mean to discriminate against the tall ladies who love their flats but I’ve had this theory that in general, the women wearing wear heels are better in bed than women that wear flats or don’t care about shoes at all.  Now, I have some back up!

According to experts, wearing heels improves your posture and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which are used a lot in things like dancing and of course, sex. So, although wearing high heels attributes to horrible foot, knee, and back problems that potentially could lead to numberous surgeries later in life, know that your better in bed because of it! Hooray!

On the flipside,  the article did not say much about who these “experts” were other than that they were Italian.  Then again, who better than the Italians to be experts on footwear and its relationship to sex life? Hm? That’s a hard one. Hard one indeed.


Tall Short Girl



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