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Breakups vs. Beginnings.

You know you’re in love when everything, I mean, everything, is simply more beautiful.

That is honestly how I’ve felt for the past year or so and perhaps that is why I have given credit to more shoes that I should have :/

I sincerely apologize for endorsing anything ugly….I blame being in love.

Breakups are hard times in many ways.

Just broke up with potentially what I thought was the love of my life.– Sad day, or week, or month, for Tall Short Girl indeed.

Nevertheless, we always must look at the bright side. There are breakups, which can be sad…and then happy (they’re called breakups because it was broken, silly).


…there are beginnings which are just plain happy. Beginnings happen when breakups should have happened a long time ago, but you never let it happen because you chose to learn some stuff along the process. . . This is a beginning.

This, for me, is a beginning which calls for a celebration of cock…tails. (what?!) and stilettos (or flats…honestly, it doesn’t really matter- just bring fun, friends, and maybe champagne).  Or maybe just one fun night out with the girls to get me through it.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is, when you are feeling low, get high (I mean, put on your high heels, but perceive it however you wish… ) Because, the truth is, nothing real is ever lost and nothing real can be broken.

It is that simple.

In fact, love is simple and when it starts to feel complicated that is your red flag to let the relationship go.

It is just like a pair of beautiful high heels.

They look good, feel sexy, and make you feel on top of the world – – – but, if they start to steal your thunder, it is time to let them go and  move on to something better that compliments you- not compromises.

So,  if you happen to find the pair of heels that compliments -not compromises- that’s love and that’s a keeper.  Hang on to that pair, or mate, whatever I was talking about…(was I talking about Louboutin’s? I can’t remember. …)

Stay sass.


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