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About TSG!

I’m short, like 5’4 minus two inches on a good posture day. Since I was a little girl- I’ve been into heels and could not wait until I was big enough to fit into a pair.

SP 75015 DIEZ SEAP 1/2

I love them! Love what they do to an outfit, to my legs, to everything! I simply love them. How much I love shoes and high heels is almost as disturbing as this guy and this picture….


(Sorry, but I had to give you a visual- I’m a very visual person.)

Then I started doing some research and realized that at the rate I was going- wearing heels everywhere, all the time- I would be crippled by 40.  That broke my heart, I went into a deep depression, and cried for a month…


So now, I just decided- for the sake of not crippling myself by the time I’m 40- I will chill out a little bit and wear some flats from time to time.

Nevertheless, this blog looks at shoes from my point of view- about 5 feet above the ground.


Tall Short Girl


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