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Breakups vs. Beginnings.


You know you’re in love when everything, I mean, everything, is simply more beautiful.

That is honestly how I’ve felt for the past year or so and perhaps that is why I have given credit to more shoes that I should have :/

I sincerely apologize for endorsing anything ugly….I blame being […]

3D Printed Shoes


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Check this out. 3D printed shoes. The neat thing is that 3d printers are getting more and more affordable. Just think, one day we’ll be able to dream up a shoe, draft it on our computers and print it out like its not big deal. […]

Comfortable Kenneth Cole 925 Technology


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Kenneth Cole’s got a new line of shoes called 925 Technology tahat are filled with things like memory foam, cork, and flax seed to make them more comfortable on your soles. They will soon be available on Amazon so get excited.

Stay Sassy,

Interchangeable footwear


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What’s better than customization at your feet? Footwear Skins is a company created on the premise that interchangeability is good. I agree. But for now the designs don’t seem to be catering to my high strung aesthetic I’d say.

Footwear Skins


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Men that Love Us!


Valentine’s day is approaching and the question is this: how do we repay the men for putting up with high-strung high heel wearing women in their lives? All those late night foot massages, channel changes to watch dumb reality shows or sex and the city, trips to get tampons, frozen yogurt runs to feed our […]

We've Moved!


Horray! I got the domain and so now this blog has been moved to Tallshortgirl.com!

Come stop by the new site and say hello!



World Shoes and Accessories Show February 2010


As I walked through the rows and rows of hundreds upon hundreds of footwear brands that exhibited at the Feb. 2010 WSA show, I noticed something: they’re all doing pretty much the same thing. […]

Trends for Fall 2010


Apparently, calculating the trends for the next season when people, like retailers, are buying for Fall now is some sort of equation, like the quadratic formula, or pi.

Yes, this is true. Apparently, there are a bunch of monkies that sit around in a room making calculations about market trends and they use […]