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Trade Show Essentials For WSA SHOW in Las Vegas


So, its that time of year again for the WSA show in Las Vegas, Nevada next week and I’m figuring what to pack. I’ve put together some essentials that I’m going to need to safe in the midst of all my addictions (amazing shopping, drinking everywhere, and poker) surrounding me.


Spring Green Colorful Harijuku Lover Pumps and a Pairing


This week I was feeling in the mood for some color. Something to brighten the dull look in January. So, the shoes of the week are these Harijuku Lover pumps. You can always count on Harijuku to do something happy and bright like these sexy, yet comfortable suede beauties. You […]

Bow-Tie Pumps!


ALL ABOUT BOW TIES! Yes, feeling a bit formal and feminine so I feel the perfect thing is bow ties on your high heels. Almost like wearing lace overalls. Some of the styles are timeless and others are meant to make a statement. Nevertheless, loving the style. BowTies! by tallshortgirl featuring Paris Hilton shoes

January 10, 2010 (Boots and Booty Shorts)

boots and booty shorts

Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s Bootie is THE boot you want to have for those cold couple months before you switch to sandal season. Why? because its cool enough to wear down with skinny jeans and is long and warm enough to pair with a skirt or even better- spring 2010 trend- booty […]

Blue Suede Shoes! Hot Pumps By Rock & Republic


Wore these Blue Suede Shoes by Rock & Republic for my birthday and love them! My birthday is January 8th- same birthday as David Bowie and Elvis; hence, my strange inspiration to wear blue suede shoes. The shoes I own, everything else was borrowed for the special occasion.

Bought these bad boys […]