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Top 10 T-Strap Stilettos

j-garten shoes-t-straps

Want to make a point but not quite sure how to make it?

Look no further. Its all in the shoes. I’ve selected ten fantastic T-Strap shoes that will do the talking for you.

J.Garten shoe above.

To explain why I chose T-Straps I will start […]

Heels that could kick some ass. . .

I once went to this self defence seminar in college where the instructor told the women in the room that if we were ever put into a situation where we needed to defend ourselves- one of our best weapons can potentially be our awesome footwear. He’s right. They can kick ass in more […]

If you have ever fallen in your high-heels this will make you feel better

naomi falling off heels

Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us! Miss America falling in heels:

Kylie Minogue falling in heels:

Naomi Cambell falling in heels:

Britney Spears falling in heels:

And, some poor model getting laughed at by a bunch of news anchors falling in heels!

Fortunately nothing was […]