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Shoes as jewelry. Love shoes, love jewelry, so shoelery = amazing.

No need for toe rings, anklets, etc.

Some of them overly embellished, some just right.

Personally, I’m a tad in love with Roger Vivier’s take on shoelery and a fan of Alaia’s but you would have to be selective as […]

$25 Class on How to Wear & Rock High Heels? = Nonsense, I'll charge $10. . .

Posted on some www.macleans.ca, a Canadian blog:

In Vancouver, a former runway model is giving classes to teach women how to walk in high heels. At 6 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, the professional-looking women, who have each paid $25 to attend, are sitting in a semicircle listening to the tips dispensed by High Heel […]

Shark Week Every Week, get your Shark pants here!


Awesome runway comedy on the streets of Sydney. Saw it on The Sartorialist, had to find the designer: Romance was Born. Great, fun, fashion. Simple black T, shark produces the shock factor. Love it.

More from Romance was Born:



11 Reasons Why Dior is To Die For

Always doing something different with heels, Dior has given me more than 11 reasons to show for why Christian Dior is one of the late loves of my life, even though he is dead but lives on through Galliano and the Dior brand in my fairy tail mind. (I was going to stop at 10 […]

Art? Fashion? or Runway Comedy. . . You decide.


Art? Fashion? or Runway Comedy?

It depends on who you ask but designer Di Mainstone has definitely created something unique with her Sharewear line.

Playing with shapes and the idea of isolation and community in NYC brings an interesting point […]

Shorties, get your Booty on…

Love booties but not a walking pair of legs like Gisele?

How do you wear them without making you legs look like short tiney pegs? First of all, understand that although the way you see booties pulled off on the runway often looks awesome, it doesn’t always translate into real life […]

Today, is National Sea Monkey Day. Everyone must take a moment to celebrate!

Yes, that’s right May 16th is officially National Sea Monkey Day. Although this has nothing to do with shoes or fashion, I thought it was just too stupid a national day for me to not blog about. You can read all about this wonderful day on the seamonkeyworship.com page

I, in […]

Man Heels!

Attention MEN!

Heels are not just for women anymore. So join the club. Being tall is a powerful thing. The average American Woman is 5’4″ and the Average American male is 5’9″. However, being “tall” puts you at a more powerful advantage the shorter folks. Here are the facts compliments of […]

Experts say High Heels = Better Sex Life, well that's obvious…

I don’t mean to discriminate against the tall ladies who love their flats but I’ve had this theory that in general, the women wearing wear heels are better in bed than women that wear flats or don’t care about shoes at all. Now, I have some back up!

According to experts, […]

More Runway Comedy

strange platform


Wow…Really? This is a joke.

More runway comedy I guess.


Tall Short Girl