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Jelly Time!

Jellies, you know, the shoes made of PVC plastic- in various shapes and styles sometimes infused with glitter are coming back, for like the 4th time.

Here is a little history on Jellies:

Jellies were designed after WWII when there was a shortage of leather in Europe. All the Italians […]

If it is not a "Shoe" then WTF is it?


A “Shoe” is defined as something to wear on ones feet with a flexible upper and a sole. So if that’s the case, what is this?

Classy dumpster chick heels? Ferrel Girl shoes? Basically, it looks like some strange lego piece got crazy with some tape and made its-self into a heel. Not quite […]

Are we really that lazy?


Shape Up Shoes claim that if you wear them for 30 minutes a day they will help you “tone up and shed unwanted pounds”….really?

Are people really that lazy? Who the hell is buying these? Are they Insane or Blind? I don’t get it.

They say, “The motion […]

How to Date a Shorter Guy

Alright so, your like a 5’6″ woman and your obsessed with 4″ heels which dominate your closet of shoes – but your into this guy who is teetering around 5’7″ or 5’8″ (although he says he’s 5’10”- guys tend to lie, sorry- over exaggerate, about that stuff).

Situation: He’s short and if you […]

Bullet or Dildo Dress? You Decide . . .


I know what I'll be wearing to my next bachelorette party. Thank you Tru$t Fun!

Really, what goes through someone’s head when they create such a thing? Poor model, if someone made me wear that I would quit! Now I see why you hear about so many models using drugs and drinking. […]

Cheer Camp: Pom Poms Gone Wild!


I’m seeing the emergence of something that scares me: putting pom poms in places that don’t make much sense.

Forget wearing a dildo for a dress in public, I’m cool with that.

In fact, I encourage it.

My conclusion: One must use caution when […]

Tree Huggers Beware! Ode to Eco Friendly Footwear (On Earth Day of Course)…

Oh eco friendly footwear, you have never truly been cute enough for me until now…

Tree huggers beware as some tall short women may begin to steel a bit of your thunder.

Not to worry, you will always have granola.

These Melissa Mary Jane Wedges offer a 3.75 extra […]

Frolicing in Flower Gardens

Ever notice how every time you want to frolic through a field of flowers in your heels you get stuck? What’s up with that! It’s like your irrigating the lawn or something, but with these “flower inspired” shoes- you don’t have to frollick in actual grass because the garden follows you around. Yes, that’s […]

Spring 2009

A lot of metallics, bondage, and unique looking heels now….

Galliano’s Spring ’09 Collection.

Check out the mirror runway. I’d hate to be the model who forgot to wear underwear that day. Or perhaps- failing to get a pedicure or shave my legs for the runway.


Fall 2009

Looking forward to Fall 09 footwear. Can’t wait to rock a stripper-librarian look I’ll get pairing some patterned socks and platform stilettos from Marni’s collection.

Or how about this distrinct looking heel by Louis Vuitton? Some of the shoes looked quite S&M with an architectural twist, but I thought a couple […]