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Top 100 Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2013

Long time no post but I felt it necessary to let you all know that TallShortGirl is on the list! Even though we’re at #100 it is still an honor to be there. Check it out below!

Top 100 Fashion blogs to follow

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


What is going on? I’m loving these loafers

Don’t know what it is but I am loving these Louboutin ‘intern’ loafers. Yes, yes I know they’re not a million inches tall like the shoes I typically love. Perhaps something has gotten into me? In this case, it looks like a short man.

I tried them on at Neimans the other day… and bought them. I instinctively just had to. Something about them just says fun man repeller. Plus, I’ll be moving to good ole San Francisco, upon which I plan to do a lot more walking then I’m currently doing in the Silicon Valley area. So, it will be good to get around in a flat.

I plan on wearing these a ton with some skinny hipster jeans, maybe in multiple colors and some manly button down blouse OR I could mix it up and really confuse some people by pairing the loafers with a floral dress, now that would be fun. Either way, I had the shoe guy put some non slip on the sole of those bad boys- CL’s always are always slippery so make sure you have someone to do the non slip for you.


What I’m Loving Now

Sorry for the hiatus ladies, I’ve been busy shopping ( and moving  and traveling ).

Here’s what I’ve been wearing a lot of….

Givenchy cross strap sandal

Givenchy Cross strap sandals, paired with black tights and possibly a short flowy dress like the one below. They’re actually on a big fat sale right now at Barneys.

Parket Draped Front Dress



Westwood & Melissa Do Baby Shoes!

Ladies and mothers! Check it out, the shoes I once fell in love with re: the collaboration between Melissa’s signature recyclable plastic footwear and classic westwood are now available for your baby girl. Check them out!  More from NotCot.

Sex and The City 2 Shovie Review


That’s right, I said “Shovie” .  By that I’m just reviewing the shoe situation.

To be completely honest.  The movie was good but I was disappointed by the lack of shoes I saw throughout.  I was so excited and happy in one of the first scenes when I saw Carrie hopping into a cab with those we’re not in NY anymore, Christian Louboutin’s. I almost fell out of my chair and I definitely started to drool.  Nevertheless, go check out the flick. But don’t be surprised if you don’t see much footwear.

Guess Sandal For Spring 2010

Loving this stiletto sandal by Guess in White.  White is naturally such an innocent color but the zippers add an interesting twist to the equation- not to mention the almost 5 inch heel. The GUESS Women’s Defiant Platform Sandal is comfortable given how tall it is. Refuse to give in to boring style with the fierce Guess by Marciano Defiant sandals. Leather upper in a dress platform sandal style with an open toe and strappy leather vamp. Crisscrossing instep straps with metal zippers and chain detail. Full heel cup with rear zipper for an easy fit. Smooth lining and cushioned footbed. 3/4 inch platform midsole and 4 1/4 inch heel. Flat traction dress style outsole. Be sure to get it at Amazon and check out the special deals on shipping and other promotions using the codes on the page linked for this hot stiletto here and above.

Anne Hathaway in Jellies!

If first saw this on shoehunting.com.  This photo of  Hathaway, who I already love, and now I  love her even more now that she’s wearing my favorite childhood shoes, jellies!   That’s right the PVC plastic is back for spring again- at least with Anne Hathaway.

So what exactly is the deal with Jellies?


Jellies, you know, the shoes made of PVC plastic- in various shapes and styles sometimes infused with glitter are coming back, for like the 4th time.

Here is a little history on Jellies:

Jellies were designed after WWII when there was a shortage of leather in Europe. All the Italians were freaking out and major Italian factories were fighting against each other with golf clubs from Scotland over the last few bits of leather to make their shoes and sustain their factories.


In fact, this leather shortage was getting so bad that people were walking around barefoot….


By the way, is that guy in the back wearing a sack of potatoes on his head?

Anyway, the leather shortage was a real problem so they had to find other materials to use to create shoes…


PVC Plastic! = Flexible, relatively durable, and inexpensive!

And Jellies were born. They were a hit in the 80’s, came back around in the 90’s, I remember wearing them a ton as a kid and LOVED them because of the glitter- even though they sometimes gave me blisters.

They came “in” and “out” again briefly a couple spring seasons and now they are “in ” again.

So you ask…who is doing Jellies for under $100?

Kate Spade = $63 (Zappos)


Michael Kors = $63 (Zappos)


Stuart Weitzman = $99 (Zappos)


Tory Burch = $95 (Nordstrom)


How about who is doing Jellies for under 200?

Givenchy = $170 (Saks)


Cesare Paciotti = $128 (Zappos)


Jimmy Choo = $175 (Nordstrom or Saks)


Ralph Lauren Karly Jelly Sandal = $195 (endless.com)


Chloe Flat Jelly Sandal = $125 (Saks)


Those are the ones that stuck out to me but I’m sure you can find much more for less that are equally as adorable!

And last but not least my favorites with the heel by Melissa which are “Jellies” but made from 99.9% ]recycled plastic!!


She also does these cute little numbers with a heel as well….


Again, I’m a fan so get your jelly time on this spring!


Tall Short Girl


Shoes or Art?

riginally published on Mizz Tissa’s Shoe blog, “Shoes or Art?” As footwear designers begin to experiment more and more with footwear design, what do you think will take off? I mean, would you ever wear these and curiosity strikes me, are these comfortable? I want to try them on! Read Mizz Tissa’s article and be sure to comment!

Happy Birthday Vivienne Westwood, I love your shoes!

Happy Birthday Vivienne Westwood

Happy Birthday Vivienne Westwood by julianacrispo featuring Melissa shoes

Today, legendary fashion designer and footwear designer, Vivienne Westwood turns 69 and hotter than ever.  Vivienne was a fashion school dropout at the Harrow School of Art- leaving after one term.

I don’t know how a working-class girl like me could possibly make a living in the art world.” – The fashion designer once said.

We look back at those words now and laugh as she is potentially one of the most influential and iconic female designers of our time. Her style, dresses, footwear and signature aesthetic is what makes me love her footwear, feminine heels, and accessories so much.

Westood is famous for her timeless style and that legendary wedding dress in the Sex and the City Movie.

Although she spends her spare time gardening, and practically never reads the papers or watches tv, I really hope she sees all the love she’s getting on the fashion blogs today!

Happy Birthday Vivienne! Keep up the beautiful work.

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Joe’s Jeans Does $5.5 M Licensing Deal with Burano LLC to brand some Ballet Flats, Boots, and Casual Feminine Footwear to Compliment the Jeans…

We’ve seen this before. A primarily fashion forward Jeans-focused company decides to try its luck in shirts, then jewelery, then maybe footwear to gain a more sustainable competitive advantage. Take a look at Guess or Lucky. Both started with Jeans and now they do it all- no one really thinks of them as “just jeans” companies anymore.

Today, Joe’s Jeans went public about its $5.5 million dollar licensing deal with Burano LLC to manufacture and distribute a line of Joe’s branded women’s footwear, primarily flats, set to debut ASAP. Joe’s currently sits on the NASDAQ: JOEZ

“We believe our new line of Joe’s branded footwear will contribute to continued brand name recognition and overall growth for 2010,” Marc Crossman, president and CEO of Joe’s Jeans said in a statement. “The shoe line will reflect and embody the Joe’s customer, as a fashion-forward, casual woman with an independent streak.”

Heidi Klum, Audrina Patridge, and Katie Holmes have all been spotted wearing the brand on a couple of occasions.

The line is scheduled to ship and launch this month with a focal point on ballet flats. The line will be sold in major department stores, Joe’s Jeans stores and online with bridge prices ranging from $120-$145. Along with ballet flats, a line of wedges, flat sandals and casual heels is expected to ship later in April as well. The fall line is expected to include mostly flat boots set to deliver in July.

The tone of the line is said to carry a vintage look, feminine/casual vibe, with soft, draping leathers in rich colors and a focus on intricate detailing on the soles.

As soon as the line debuts and I can show pics I promise I will so stay tuned and if you haven’t already subscribed, please do!

<Story originally covered by author in CrispCommunity News.